Roger and Pat de la Harpe Photography.

Roger and Pat de la Harpe Photography  specialises in wildlife, conservation, travel and lodge photography and videography. We have over 30 years of experience in this field and our work has appeared in many international and local publications as well as in the 27 books we have published. Let us create your visual media for you.

We visited Jock Safari Lodge in the Kruger National Park and shot this movie for them. What an astounding time we had. Check out the sightings – none from stock – all of this was shot during our stay!

Baobab (also called dead-rat tree (from the appearance of the fruits), monkey-bread tree (the soft, dry fruit is edible), upside-down tree (the sparse branches resemble roots), cream of tartar tree ) (Adansonia digitata). Ruaha National Park. Tanzania, Photo by Roger and Pat de la Harpe Photography