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Cheetah Conservation

Cheetah Release into the Sanbona Wildlife Reserve. Western Cape. South Africa

The timing was perfect. We are down in the Western Cape, at Sanbona Wildlife Reserve, shooting stills and movies for their promotional media, and it just so happened that the reserve managers were releasing a cheetah back into the wild. A month or so ago they had noticed that this female had injured herself, probably while hunting, and decided to place her in a boma while a vet treated her wounds. This is not the usual practice – they prefer, as far as possible, to let nature take its course but not so with cheetah. Their future is tenuous at best and every effort needs to be made to ensure their survival.

We put this short movie clip together of Sanbona’s GM, Paul Vorster, encouraging the cheetah to leave the boma.

Filmed on the Panasonic X1000 by Pat.

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