Karkloof Mountains time-lapse. KwaZulu Natal. South Africa.
Karkloof Mountains Time-lapse
Water - It's Precious
Water – It’s Precious
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Lioness Shoots a Selfie – The Back Story

Lioness, Tswalu Game Reserve

Howick. KwaZulu Natal Midlands. South Africa

Some years ago we worked on a book called In Search of the African Lion, sister book to In Search of the African Wild Dog. One of the places we worked at was Tswalu Kalahari Reserve in the Northern Cape in South Africa. It’s a dry, wonderful land of red dunes, blond grass and rugged mountains on distant horizons, and we revelled in our time there. We got some lovely images of the Kalahari lions and they feature substantially in the book, although an experience we had with them is not in the book.

One of the lionesses at Tswalu lacked sound principles – she had a lack of pride you may say… (🙄). You see, she pinched our GoPro camera and filmed the whole thing. You may have seen the original YouTube clip – it had something over 470 000 views and was showcased in many news sites around the world.

Now we have put the back-story together, narrated by Pat. Hope you enjoy it:

Roger de la Harpe


  1. Michael Behr says:

    Terrific incident……..I love Africa !

  2. Barbara says:

    So enjoyed the lion story – beautifully narrated!

  3. Dave Mullin says:

    Great narrative Pat, here’s to many more ‘hits’ of the lion variety!

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