Elephants were plentiful and most chilled and cooperative, like this huge bull having a mud bath in the 40 deg plus temperatures.

Photographs, Movies and a Monopod

We tried out the Manfrotto XPro Video Monopod while we were shooting stills and movies for African Horseback Safaris in the Okavango Delta in Botswana and […]
Wonderful views over the Little Karoo at Sanbona Wildlife Reserve. Canon 5DsR and 100-400mm lens. ISO100. 1/800 sec at f5.

Shooting Scenery With Long Lenses

Talk landscape and scenic photography and immediately thoughts turn to wide angle lenses – the wider the better – let’s get everything in the frame. Mmmmm […]
Panorama stitched from 5 images shot on the iPhone 6s and stitched in Lightroom, Camdeboo Conservancy. Eastern Cape. South Africa

Photography and Adventure Biking

We’re back in the office editing the thousands of images and video clips we shot down at Sanbona Wildlife Reserve in the Little Karoo. What and […]
Panorama of the Swartberg Mountains and Red Hills scenery near Calitzdorp. Western Cape. South Africa

Travel Tips – Calitzdorp

We spent last week in Sanbona Wildlife Reserve in the Western Cape shooting movies and stills for their marketing program and I must say that Pat […]
This photograph of a Knobthorn (Senegalia nigrescens) flower was shot on the Nikkor AF-S 80 - 400mm lens and 300mm.

Close-up Photography

We often advise about and supply photographic equipment, and one of the more common queries is, “I want to photograph flowers and so what macro (micro) […]
A detail shot of the RAW image from the iPhone 6s.

Is this the Death of the Point and Shoot

Apple announced a bunch of new stuff a little while back – the iPhone 7 series and a new iOS operating system. So what you ask? […]