It took a while for the oxpeckers to get into position but it was worth the wait...

Working The Subject

The Decisive Moment. You’ll hear this often if you are into photography. It’s when everything comes together and all the pics you shot before or after […]
Howick Falls looking just a little bit meaner after a long drought. KwaZulu Natal Midlands. South Africa

Wild Angle Lens Alternative

I took part in the Howick segment of the World Wide Photo Walk a few weeks back, led by friend Dave Mullin. What a lovely event […]
Wonderful views over the Little Karoo at Sanbona Wildlife Reserve. Canon 5DsR and 100-400mm lens. ISO100. 1/800 sec at f5.

Shooting Scenery With Long Lenses

Talk landscape and scenic photography and immediately thoughts turn to wide angle lenses – the wider the better – let’s get everything in the frame. Mmmmm […]
I photographed this Fischer's Lovebird (Pavel Chonya) just outside the dining room of the Great Rift Valley Lodge & Golf Resort. Lake Naivasha. Naivasha. Great Rift Valley. Kenya

A Better Place to Shoot Birds

In a previous post I spoke about shooting the details – getting more than just the “big picture”. One’s immediate reaction on getting to a game reserve […]
This selective colour photograph of a leaper we photographed in Ruaha National Park in Tanzania must have taken about a minute to do.

Selective Colour

Here’s a quick and easy photo tip: How to create a selective colour image in Adobe Lightroom. Hate them or love them – there’s no middle […]
Lilac-breasted (lilacbrested) roller (Coracias caudatus). Okavango Delta. Botswana

Sometimes you get Lucky

Sometimes you get lucky. We were in the Okavango Delta in Botswana doing some filming and photography for African Horseback Safaris and we were out exploring […]